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TYPES of Bankruptcy




 • Straight bankruptcy
  • Most debt eliminated
  • No requirements to make payments in the future
  • Not all debt can be eradicated

• Reorganization
  • Restructuring
  • Pay down debts
  • Abolish debt through repayments
  • Not all debt can be removed

 Alternative to the bankruptcy filed in State Court, but with same bankruptcy protections. You pick and choose what debts you want to repay over three years without interest.


Scenario: Husband and Wife have been married for five years, have two kids, a mortgage, and one car payment. Raising a family is not inexpensive. Credit cards and medical bills have accumulated, and it’s a struggle to pay the mortgage, car payments, utility bills, and minimums on credit cards and medical bills. There is no end in sight.

Solution: Chapter 7 eliminates medical and credit card bills, so Husband and Wife can focus on mortgages, car payments, and saving for their children's education, as well as their retirement!


Scenario: Single Female working a good job, but credit cards piled up in college and paying not much more than the minimums for the last several years without any progress toward paying it off.

Solution: Chapter 13 takes all the debt in one secure payment. No more interest or finance charges. We may even propose a plan to pay a dividend or less than the entire balance owed! The program is completed in 3-5 years, and Single Female is debt free!


Scenario: Divorced Female just filed bankruptcy a few years ago around her divorce, now she has other debt, but only a hefty utility bill (from our long Wisconsin winters) and a couple of payday loans (emergency car repairs) that are causing the problem.

Solution: Divorced Female wants to avoid bankruptcy again, so address the utility bill and payday loans in a non-bankruptcy alternative payment plan. With the utility bill and payday loan in one monthly installment, she can easily pay her other monthly expenses!